Some companies we’ve worked with


  • We learned true Participation Age leadership.

    Ann Fetsch
    Ann FetschCollaborative Design Group
  • I went from over forty hours/wk in the practice to just eight.  That is priceless!

    Shelley Renee Starkman
    Shelley Renee StarkmanShelley Renee Consulting
  • I can’t wait to share all this with the other 900 franchisees.

    Larry McDaniel
    Larry McDanielBudget Blinds of Western Oklahoma
  • We've made a ton of progress the last 6 months. You guys would be so proud! Thank you, Crankset Group, for putting us in motion. Without you entering our lives, we'd still be in the same old mess.

    Aundrea Hymas
    Aundrea HymasAdventure Dental
  • We can't begin to thank you for a tremendous 3 years of mentorship!  We will be connecting again in the future, I know it.  Thank you so much for your friendship and guidance!  We are better because of it.

    Carrie Webber
    Carrie WebberChief Communications Officer & Owner
  • I started implementing my plan but I didn’t have the right team to make it really happen. After going through several management and staff changes, I ended up with two exceptional managers. A clinical manager and an office manager. They are both leading the team and make most daily decisions. The employees that didn’t buy into the new management and methods left on their own. We now have an amazing team and my revenues increased by 30%. I have been profit sharing with my staff for the last six months where they have seen additional income as high as $1000.

    Dr. Alan Markowitz
    Dr. Alan MarkowitzGreat Boca Smiles

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