Each company on our list of Participation Age companies has been vetted by Crankset Group and demonstrated their commitment to the principles of the Participation Age, including:

  • Employees are all committed stakeholders in self-managed work teams
  • Managers have been replaced with leaders
  • Long policies have been replaced with a few written beliefs, values, and principles
  • People make meaning, not just money, and a lot more of both
  • Decisions are made where they’re carried out
  • Re-humanizing the workplace is a company-wide practice, not a department
  • Titles, departments, and promotions are deemphasized in favor of productivity, ownership, and responsibility
  • Compensation is results-based, not time-based

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Crankset Group offers a vision into the future of workplace culture, and the Participate Age. If you are looking for management consulting services, look no further than Crankset Group.

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